Year 5 Solar System Movies

In Science Year 5 have been finding out about the Solar System. To support their work the ICT theme of digital images and video was linked to this topic.

First they created digital photo montages using Paint.Net. They then moved onto learning how to edit video files, add titles, credits and audio. Each pupil created their own short video using clips about the Solar System. They have to add text to their films that provided the viewer with interesting facts.

Particular pupils contributions can be found at these times on the video below.

Zena 0.20     Tomi 2.25     Tina 3.40         Tiago 6.00     Stefano 7.47    Osman 9.36  Sara 11.52    Rodine 12.50     

Laura 14.00  Juan 15.37    Joshua 17.11    Ilhan 19.24    Bilal 21.54       Aniss 24.05    Isaac 26.07   Brandon 27.54



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