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Headteacher's End of Year Message 2016

Another school year has flown by ever so swiftly. Typical of Vauxhall Primary School, the fact that we never stand still, never resting on our laurels, makes time pass by ever so quickly. Time and again, you have shown your utmost loyalty and support to the school and all the things we stand for, and for that we are ever so grateful. It is our families’ sense of commitment to our school that drive us to persevere in our relentless pursuit of excellence for all of our pupils. Our provisions remain to be one of the best in the area, but they are only ever successful because you enthusiastically buy into them!


This academic year has been an extremely positive one. Early in the year, we received accolade from the Evening Standard, naming us as one of London’s top ten primary schools, based on published performance results. This is a testament to the hard work and determination by our staff who perseveres to ensure that in-class provisions are always of the highest levels. We also take pride in our wide range of extra- curricular offer which enhances and enriches our pupils’ experiences within and outside the traditional school day. Finally, we pay homage to our pupils’ dedication to excellence, who are unfazed by the challenges of an academically rigorous curriculum, and always meeting our highest expectations.


This year we applaud the work of our staff at the Tiny Tigers, our early years centre who has now completed a full year of excellent provisions for our two-year olds. The quality of work they deliver in the centre is phenomenal and life-changing, to say the least.

Finally, we all need to congratulate ourselves for our TES Primary School of the Year Award, which is the highest award any primary school in this country can ever achieve. It is indeed humbling to have been chosen from tens of thousands of schools in the UK, by a highly reputable board of judges!


Let us then, remind ourselves some of this year’s highlights:


Primary School of the Year, TES Schools Award 2016

2016 Top 10 primary Schools in London, The Evening Standard

Rank 1, Similar schools nationally, DfE Performance table

Letter from Nick Gibb, Minister of State, recognising the school’s outstanding work in raising achievement

Letter from Nick Gibb, Minister  of State, recognising the school’s excellent work for disadvantaged pupils

Letters from Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, thanking Mr E David for his contributions to the Data Management Review Group

Visit from Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and the Arts, accompanied by the chairman of the English Cricket Board

Year 6 performance at the Royal Albert Hall with the English Touring Opera

Year 5 performance at the Oval Theatre- Shakespeare Festival

Successful renewal assessment of the Basic Skills Award

Successful renewal assessment of the Inclusion Quality Mark’s Centre of Excellence status

Champion, Oval Cluster Athletic Competition

Champions, Give & Gain Day

This year we also hosted visits from teachers and school leaders from Slovenia, Norway, South Korea, The Gambia and numerous headteachers from all over the UK


Edison David