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British Council awards VPS the International Schools Award

The British Council recently conferred to VPS the International Schools Award, after an assessment which showed that the school has:

1.Evaluated the impact of international work on young people, educators and the school as a whole.

2.Revised and developed their international policy as required.

3.Completed at least seven curriculum activities in one academic year, at least three of which must be done in collaboration with a partner school in another country. As a whole, the activities should demonstrate the above outcomes and involve the majority of curriculum subjects in the school.
4.Incorporated an element of language learning in at least one of the seven activities.
5.Planned international activities across the school so most pupils participate at some point during their time at the school.
The award confirms VPS' commitment to internationalism, evidenced by our continuing partnerships with other schools in Portugal, France, Brazil, among others.

Here are the assessor’s comments on the Impact Evaluation, to highlight where the school's application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as we continue to develop the international dimension at Vauxhall Primary School:

'An enjoyable Impact Evaluation to read – well done. Ensure you maintain this standard of work and level of achievement especially with your collaborative work and international activities. You have provided your students with good opportunities to learn about and understand relevant international themes. They have clearly taken up these opportunities and challenges with enthusiasm and passion – this is great to see. Your Learn Maths through French and Internationalism in School activities stood out for me as examples of good international work with secure outcomes for your students. Keep this standard up as well as embedding your activities into your curriculum, measuring the progress your students make as you go along and developing your Maths language activity to learn about international themes through a foreign language in addition to acquiring language skills. Well done.'