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First Lego League Competition 2013

For a second year running Vauxhall Primary School entered a team into the First Lego League Regional Tournament at the American School in London. The team named themselves ‘Vauxhall Volcanoes’.  The theme for this year was ‘Nature’s Fury’. The task for the team was to identify a type of natural disaster and how they could engineer possible solutions to help communities affected. The team chose volcanic eruptions. They researched the phenomenon and the history of famous eruptions such as Pompeii.Vauxhall Volcanoes

They designed project posters to illustrate their research as well as suggest possible engineering solutions. Finally they came together to produce project poster to illustrate the Vauxhall Volcanoes team solution for the challenge. At the tournament they presented their ideas to a panel of judges who then questioned them about their work. The team gave an excellent presentation, full of confidence and expression.

For the Lego Mindstorms Robot Programming challenge the team had to write programs for the robot to carry out specific tasks in a natural disaster scenario. They were able to successfully programme the robot to move a fire truck and an ambulance into a safety zone, release a set of Tsunami waves, collect a cat and a dog and return them to their owners and finally raise a house out of the water. They achieved this by planning each mission and then making fine adjustments to their programs to achieve successful results. 

Programming the Robot


There were 27 teams participating at the event, with Vauxhall being one of the few primary schools in attendance. The event promotes inter team friendship, and the team from Vauxhall made a real effort to get to know the other teams who were there. It was a busy, exciting but above all fun day for the team.

Robot in action