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VPS gets nod from Basic Skills Award

The Basic Skills Quality Mark recently completed a mid-term interim review of VPS' provisions, against the areas for development identified during the original assessments in 2013.

 Below are excerpts from this review's findings:


  • This ‘outstanding’ and designated ‘training’ school is at the forefront of leading edge practice through researched based learning and development as part of ‘The Oval Learning Cluster’ of schools. There is an ongoing commitment to dissemination of practice locally, nationally and internationally and this now extends to making commercially available some of its latest ‘masters’ curriculum and assessment programmes.
  • Pupils’ acquisition of basic skills in literacy and numeracy are seen as fundamental to their future success. In KS1 there is a focus on basic skills including phonics, reading, number and computation. Pupils are given every opportunity in and beyond the curriculum to develop and consolidate these skills by the end of KS1. The expectation is, that only in exceptional circumstances should a pupil require intervention beyond Year 3. Pupil attainment in KS1 and KS2 evidences the success of this approach.
  • The school’s proactive approach to change led to the adoption of the new national curriculum a year before most schools. A focus on early consultation and training of all staff has supported familiarisation and understanding of all aspects of the curriculum at a very detailed level. Staff are confident and pupils enjoy their learning.
  • Linked to above, the school has developed a ‘mastery’ assessment system across both key stages referenced to learning objectives, which the pupils understand and can use.
  • Quality Mark for basic skills was the first award that the school sought to achieve thus demonstrating its commitment to literacy and numeracy. The school has since achieved a number of national and international quality awards including British Council International School and NACE Challenge Award for More Able pupils.