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VPS named Centre of Excellence!



Vauxhall Primary School successfully achieved the prestigious Inclusion Quality Mark recently, in recognition of its outstanding inclusive practices.

The excellent outcome of the assessment resulted to the school being named as an IQM Centre of Excellence, the first ever primary school in London to be given such a status.


Here are some excerpts from the IQM report:


"Equally, if I could nominate a school where Inclusion is lived and breathed, it would be Vauxhall. It permeates every aspect of school life, perhaps, as the Head of School, Edison David, commented, “With so much need, we have no choice but to use inclusive approaches”. But inclusion at Vauxhall is more than that statement; it is the raison d’etre, like a stick of rock, sliced anywhere, the word Inclusive would be seen, hearts, minds, bodies and souls are dedicated to the same aims. Although the end of term was in sight, there was still and energy and vibrancy to the school which belied its Victorian building, although even that had been imaginatively used to enhance all aspects of teaching and learning, from Nursery to eleven."

"The students are a credit to the school. They were invariably polite, happy to engage in detailed discussion of their own learning and their experiences through their time at the school, although a few found thee activities a challenge. They are partners in the running of the school, many being given responsibility through the school council."


"There is clear evidence that the vision of the school is understood by everyone associated with Vauxhall Primary, that it is viewed as a corporate effort and that the Inclusion agenda is embedded in every aspect of school life. Everyone is enabled to be a part of every aspect of school life at whatever level is suitable for them."


"Staff development is a strength of the school. Starting from being valued for the role being undertaken, staff accept challenge, which is not only met but often exceeded. Individual staff are enabled to take on responsibility, supported to succeed and enjoy personal growth as a result. This is a staff with considerable personal and collective expertise. They also present as happy, throughout the staff group."


Please watch out for the full report which will be published here very soon!