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VPS receives Challenge Award- first in Lambeth!

Vauxhall Primary School is the first primary school recipient of the Challenge Award in Lambeth, after a successful assessment by the National Association for More Able Children in Education (NACE). The Challenge Award Framework provides a quality standard by which to undertake a robust  evaluation of provision informing well-focused action planning for continuous whole school improvement. The assessment involved looking at the schools provision for, and the attainment of more able, gifted, and talented pupils.

The assessment report states:


"Vauxhall Primary School is a happy, friendly place. It was described as being like a ‘family’ by parents, pupils and teachers One parent commented ‘It is no good being an outstanding school unless it is safe. This is a safe school’."

"Parents and children alike are very appreciative of the opportunities the school provides, and of the genuine care shown to the children by all staff."

 "When asked what they would change about the school, the children struggled to think of anything, as they ‘like it as it is’."


There are clear strategies for the identification of academic ability and talents. Early identification is a strength, from nursery onwards, and as many children stay in the school from nursery on, staff know the children and their areas of ability well.

 The new PHSE curriculum (PATH) is very popular with the children, and they say it does things like helping to avoid stress, teaching them how to deal with anger and so on. The ‘compliments’ poster for the ‘child of the day’ (selected at random) where children are invited to either say, or write, good things about that child, is a lovely idea, and appreciated by the children.

 The school makes excellent use of its very wide range of external partnerships, to provide a range of additional activities for all children. One pupil described the school as ‘a connected school’. A parent talked about how a friend whose child attends a different school was ‘shocked’ to hear about all the opportunities provided.

 There are many opportunities for children to take on roles of responsibility, for example Peer mediators, Librarians, Playground Leaders and Sports Leaders.

 The marking policy is adhered to consistently across the school, and formative marking linked to the Learning Objective was evident. Particularly good practice was observed in Year 4 books, where the teacher regularly sets an additional challenge for children who have managed the work well, and which the children respond to.

 All children have clear and appropriate targets, and use self –assessment, which is then agreed by the teacher, to know when they have achieved them.