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VPS retains Centre of Excellence status!

Following a successful assessment review day from InclusionQuality Mark assessor Chris Chivers, VPS retains its Centre of Excellence status!


Chris writes:

Vauxhall Primary School works exceedingly conscientiously to provide the best possible opportunities to each and every child within the school. A very well co-ordinated and trained staff are deployed to advantage.

The clarity of the strategic vision for the school, coupled with an ever present, relentless attention to detail, across all areas of school life, allows all staff to work with autonomy. There is room to think, plan and implement change effectively. Communication is exemplary.

Quality is evident throughout the school, on display in classrooms and corridors. Behaviour, as seen in the building and on the playground, is exemplary, with confident, articulate, polite children clearly comfortable with themselves and clearly valuing their school.

The school builds capacity, in children and staff. The young staff were articulate in describing their roles and their place in the school. They bring an energy and enthusiasm that is infectious. They are also given significant responsibility early, which, with secure mentoring and coaching, enables them to be as effective as possible.

Key developments in 2013/14 have been Maths Masters, a scheme for maths across years one and two, created by maths managers across the Oval Cluster, supported by cluster deputies, led by Edison David. The curriculum has been changed to accommodate the changes for September 2014. This implementation allows for a review this term, to look at any necessary changes before implementation. An assessment methodology has been developed throughout this year, based on the needs of the 2014 curriculum and will be implemented from June 2014 in readiness for September 2014.

PATHS plus (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies), has been implemented in years 3-6 during the 2013/14 academic year, led effectively by an early career teacher, as a means of developing on, and replacing, the already successful SEAL programme.


The school is a very successful Centre of Excellence, has significant capacity to enhance already very effective practice and has taken timely action to ensure that it is ahead of the need to implement curriculum and assessment change for September 2014.


Read the full report by clicking here.


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