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to Vauxhall
Primary School

Excellence and enjoyment - these two words best describe
what being part of Vauxhall Primary School is all about.

Our provisions are shaped by a deep understanding of the needs of our pupils. It is a continuing endeavour for all of our staff
to know our pupils well. We strive to deliver a relevant, engaging and
rigorous curriculum through a culture of high expectations and
a consistent demand for excellence.
We do not rest until good becomes better, and better becomes best.

Juanita Gittens

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At Vauxhall:

  • we believe that our school provides a welcoming, safe and caring environment where children and adults are treated equally and where cultural diversity and the uniqueness of the individual is celebrated.
  • we recognise the achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on
    the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) at the heart of a school’s planning, policies, practice
    and ethos.
  • we recognise that each child is individual and unique; that all
    children are creative; that all children need to succeed. Therefore, we respect the individual
    needs of our children in a caring and creative environment.
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Part of the Wyvern Federation