Playground Charter

Article 3—All adults should do what is best for you. When adults make decisions they should think about how their decisions will affect children.





· We will run clubs and games at lunchtimes that interest all types of children.

· We will encourage all children to take part in as many activities as possible during lunchtimes and playtimes, if they want to.


You have the right to choose your own friends and join groups and clubs.

· We will encourage others to join games and activities during playtimes and lunchtimes, if they are lonely or feeling left out.

· Be kind to everyone and include them in all types of games that they would like to play.

· Experiment and try out new games and activities.

· We will monitor the playground and the games that are being played at all times.

· We will make sure there are enough adults on duty to    prevent any accidents or bullying.

· We will ensure all children are playing safely at all times as well as having fun.


You have the right to be protected from harm and should be kept safe.

· We will help others to play safely and choose appropriate games. ·

· We will always stay in our Key Stage area at playtimes, unless an adult says we can move.

·  We will be aware of other children playing around us, especially those in younger year groups.

· We will encourage children to go outside to make use of their playtime and free time.

· We will provide a variety of games and activities at lunchtimes and morning break.

· We will ensure all children are dressed appropriately for the current weather, either in warm coats, trousers and tights or with sun hats, dresses, shorts and sun cream.


You have the right to play and to rest

· We will go outside at playtime and lunchtime to get lots of fresh air and exercise. ·

·  We will invite others to join in with games, but also respect their choices of what they want to play.

· On hot days, we will be sure to drink enough water and rest during long playtimes and lunchtimes.

· On cold days, we will wear a coat or jumper to keep as warm as possible.

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