School Uniform

The items marked with * are available from the "Your M&S" uniform link on the Home Page of the school's website.


Nursery – Year 4

White polo shirt* (with school logo)

 Navy blue sweatshirt* (with school logo)


Year 5 & Year 6

White long-sleeved shirt

 Navy blue v-neck jumper* (with school logo)

 School tie*


All Years

Trousers – Dark Grey

Skirt/Pinafore (girls) – Dark Grey

 Summer Dress (girls) – Navy blue check

 Navy Cardigan* (with school logo) (girls)

 Hijab/Scarf (girls) – Navy blue or black

 White or grey socks

Grey tights (girls)

 Black Shoes (no sport shoes/trainers)

 Navy blue rucksack/book bag* (with school logo)

 Navy blue reversible fleece/jacket (with school logo) – this item is optional.

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