At this uncertain time it can become difficult to function for both parents and children due to isolation, sickness, financial stress, bereavement, anxiety, managing behaviour,   setting new routines, home schooling  and working from home. The situation may become more unsettling as the social distancing and the stay at home practises continue. The school has put together a variety of resources for all parents and pupils to support well-being. Please also refer to the PE section on the website for exercise sites to complete as a family.

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Support resources and links for parents

Financial Support

Child-focused resources


As well as being a time of worry and uncertainty it is also an historic event. See below  activities for creating family memories:

  • Time Capsule resources
  • Use a box or a container. Write down the date and details of your isolation for example write down:
    • The date you stayed home from?

    •  How many days you stayed at home?

    •  Who you stayed at home with?

    •  Who was the prime minister?

    •  How did you stay in contact with friends and family?

    •  Which games did you play at home?

    •  List the activities you did at home

    •  Add a current newspaper or magazine

    •  Add photos of your family

    •  Write a diary entry or a letter about your experience.

  • Create a family picture using handprints

ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistance

We have an ELSA team at school who have trained in supporting pupils with developing strategies for coping, conflict resolutions, showing empathy for others, building self-confidence and understanding emotions. If your child would like to access this service, please contact: elsa@vauxhallprimary.org.uk

We can provide support via email or telephone. If any information is disclosed that could cause harm, put anyone at risk or pose a threat this will be shared with the school’s senior management team who will need to follow safe guarding policy and procedures.

ELSA resources:

Other useful websites for ELSA materials:

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