SEND Report

Who are the special  Special Educational Needs Team?

Special Education Needs Coordinator  

Vauxhall Primary School - Nicola Preston

Wyvil Primary School - Rachel Da Silva



Vauxhall Primary School - Juanita Gittens

Wyvil Primary School - Andrew Terrey


Executive Headteacher

Christopher Toye


SEND Governor


Who are the best people to talk to in this school about my child’s difficulties with learning/ Special Educational Needs and/or disability (SEND) and how can I talk to them about my child if I need to?

Class/subject teacher

S/he is recommended as the first point of contact if you have any concerns and is fully involved in any support offered and makes the decision, in conjunction with the parents, on the type of support and interventions

Responsible for:

Contacted by: Speaking to them at the end of a school day or telephoning the school to arrange an appointment.


The Special Educational Needs Coodinator (SENCO)

Responsible for:

Contacted byTelephoning the school to make an appointment.



Responsible for:

Contacted by: Telephoning the school for an appointment


Executive Headteacher

He is responsible for overseeing the provision and delegates the management of the School.

Contacted by: Telephoning the school for an appointment.


SEND Governor

He/she is responsible for:

Contacted by: Writing to the SEN Governor via the school office.


What are the different types of support available for children with SEND in Vauxhall and who can get this kind of support?

Class teacher input via excellent targeted classroom teaching also known as Quality First Teaching.

For your child this would mean:

This type of support is available for all children in school as a part of excellent classroom practice.


Specific group work within a smaller group of children.

Where the class teacher and the school SENCO, on the basis of high quality evidence, conclude that a pupil needs the additional targeted support. These groups, often called intervention groups by schools, may be 

For your child this would mean:

This type of support is available for children who have specific gaps in their understanding of a subject/area of learning.


Specialist groups run by outside agencies e.g Speech and Language Therapy or ASD support and/or  individual support for your child

These may be from:

For your child this would mean:

This type of support is available for children with specific barriers to learning that cannot be overcome through Quality First Teaching and intervention groups.


Support provided through an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 

This means your child will have been identified by the class teacher/SENCO as needing a particularly higher level of individual and small group support which cannot be provided from the resources already delegated to the school.

Usually, if your child requires this high level of support they may also need specialist support in school from professionals outside the school. This may be from:

Local Authority central services such as the ASD Outreach Team or Sensory Services (for students with a hearing or visual need) and/or outside agencies such as the Speech and Language therapy (SALT) Service, Occupational Therapy service, Physiotherapy and/or CAMHS

What it means for you and your child:

This type of support is available for children whose learning needs are more severe, complex and potentially lifelong.


How will we support your child with identified SEND starting school?

How can I let the school know I am concerned about my child’s progress in school?

How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child’s learning in school?

All resources/training and support are reviewed regularly and changes made as needed.

Who are the other people providing services to children with an SEN in this school?

Directly funded by the school:

Paid for centrally by the Local Authority but delivered in school:

Provided and paid for by the Health Service:

Voluntary Agencies


The contact details for the support services can be found on the Lambeth Local Offer website.

The Lambeth Local Offer Web site contains full information of the services available to children, young people and their families under the Lambeth Local Offer.


Directly funded by the school:

Some of these interventions need to be agreed with the Local Authority.


Paid for centrally by the Local Authority but delivered in school:


Provided and paid for by the Health Service (Oxleas NHS Trust) but delivered in school:

How are the adults in school helped to work with children with an SEND and what training do they have?

Training takes place on a regular basis. If you would like to hear about the training which is currently taking place or has taken place by the staff members in the school, please speak to the Headteacher or SENCO/ Inclusion Manager.

How will the teaching be adapted for my child with SEND?

How will we measure the progress of your child in school and how will you know about this?

Letters/certificates sent home

Additional meetings as required

Annual Reviews

End of Year Reports

What support do we have for you as a parent of child with an SEND?

In addition:

How is Vauxhall accessible to children with SEND?

How will we support your child when they are leaving this school or moving on to another class?

We recognise that ‘moving on’ can be difficult for a child with SEND and take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible. 

In Year 6: 

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